Link Analytics is now KPMG

With Link Analytics now a part of KPMG, we are able to provide our clients with access to even greater knowledge, insights, methodologies and technologies to answer their highest-value questions, transforming complex data into highly-actionable and repeatable advanced Analytical Solutions.

Link has developed Analytical Solutions which address high-value problems faced by Global Communications Service Providers (CSPs) today.  Link’s Suite of Solutions - currently embedded and deployed at some of the world's largest CSPs - address Customer Experience, Competitive Intelligence, and Network Transformation.

But Big Data also presents new problems, often that existing solutions or tools simply cannot solve.  Link addresses this marketplace gap via its Analytical Engines - custom-built analytical technology to make its clients’ existing technology smarter. Analytical Engines have been built to solve some of the most complex problems for CSPs and networks - addressing Cost Reduction, Operations Maintenance, Process Deployment, Dynamic Pricing, Offer Optimization, and Call Routing.

Integrating Link’s resources into KPMG’s existing solutions will help clients gain deeper insights into their customers, monetize untapped data, and make real-time data-driven decisions to improve every facet of the customer experience.




"Analytical DNA"

Link Analytics unveiled the concept of  "Analytical DNA" at the SAS Analytics 2013 Conference in Orlando.

Analytical Engine at Ciena

Members of Link's Executive Team discuss a custom software-defined networking solution created for Ciena.

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